about us

What is VslTec ?

VslTec came to fill the gap of direct means to track and employ technical assistance near a vessel’s district, without the need to have a crew member sent from their home country. A part of the vision is to reform the Technical procedures and eliminate time-consuming tasks. The main core of the company is the constant need for improvement and development of different key areas in the industry.

The platform was launched in March 2021 with the name “T-Radar” but then we decided to change the name into something that embodies our company culture and fast technological improvement. In that way “VslTec” was born!
The mission was clear from the beginning the creation of a tool for arranging the maritime technical services between Shipping companies and Service providers.
We started with a simple idea but early on we began to develop it into something more efficient and useful to our clients, always taking into account their valuable feedback.
We are thrilled to see where this journey will take us and how our tool will shift the way technical services to vessels will be arranged from now on.

Our benefits
One platform to handle all your technical arrangements

Search engine for technical services

Have access to the biggest pool of service providers

RFQ System

Send/Receive requests for Quotation


Book your services through Vsltec

Search for services suitable to your vessel at any port and date you wish

Our system aggregates all the available service providers to give shipping companies the results they are looking for


Frequently asked questions

VslTec is an innovative online platform that unites Service Providers & Shipping Companies. Its primary purpose is to act as a Technical &
Services locator globally. Service providers are allowed to enroll in the platform and Shipping Companies can search for their desired service
provider at the port of their choice in order to employ them for their services on their vessels.

  • VslTec eliminates unnecessary manual paperwork, and it reduces the risk of human error.
  • Service providers get the chance to collaborate with new clients and make all the negotiations through the platform.
  • Shipping companies can locate experts from a wide range of professionals avoiding never ending google searches without knowing the actual provider and their professionalism, Vsltec verifies the providers who enter the platform.

After you complete your search, you will be able to view the available service providers. Pick one or more service providers and send an RFQ.
After the negotiation between you and the service provider you can book them on the terms you have both agreed.